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March 16, 2023

2023 Lighting Trends for Your Home

We recently attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. The lighting fixtures presented were bigger and bolder this year, representing the latest trends within home building. Read on to discover our favorite interior lighting inspiration for 2023.

pendent lighting inspo jewelry inspired adjustable light

Lighting As Jewelry

This stunner by Visual Comfort illustrates exactly how lighting can accessorize your home. In fact, you should consider using lighting as your home's "jewelry" — a flashy element that's visually appealing. A multi-layered pendant is a good choice for this as it can be adjusted to any length, fitting any size or shape of a room. And whether you're looking for modern fixtures, farmhouse styling or any other type of decor, you can easily find a matching pendant light.

Gold lighting inspo from interior designer

Go For The Gold

Gold lighting is here to stay. Lighting fixtures are featured in a variety of gold finishes, including brassier (think warmer and yellow) versions with texture like this one from Hudson Valley. With perforated Aged Brass shades and clear globes etched on the inside, the light on this piece fills the glass and reflects beautifully off the metal while also seeping through the holes to create a stunning gold shimmer. And because gold is a timeless color, you can't go wrong choosing a lighting fixture of this tone for your space.

Hand-etched glass lighting pendent details inspiration for your home

In The Details

Goodbye boring glass! Hand-etched details as shown in this Hudson Valley pendant create a fun pattern on the walls and ceiling when the light shines through. It's also a beautiful focal point when the light is turned off. People will be sure to remember your space with a unique hand-etched lighting fixture.

Marble, brass metal, and a fabric shade wall sconce inspiration

Mixed Finishes

These wall sconces by Corbett Lighting include marble, brass metal and a fabric shade. The combination of finishes creates a beautiful, elevated look. Other benefits of incorporating lighting fixtures with mixed finishes include adding visual weight to a room and enhancing the elegance of your space. Plus, they're gorgeous to look at!

Bohemian, coastal, and Scandinavian style Rattan lighting inspo from interior designer

Go Natural

Natural colors and finishes are all the rage these days. People are drawn to an organic looking space because of its calming and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, rattan is making a resurgence and was featured on the shades of many pendants and chandeliers at KBIS, like this one from Hudson Valley. This look is perfect for bohemian, coastal and Scandinavian styles.

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