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April 18, 2020
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Pick the Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs. At first glance, these “floor blankets” seem pretty inconspicuous. But, they are packed with potential and if done well can completely enhance a space. The most asked question I get about them is “which size?” As always, it depends! It depends on where and under what the area rug will rest.

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As a general rule, the larger the rug, the better. All furniture resting on top should have enough space to comfortably fit either completely within the rug or so the front half of the furniture is resting inside the rug. For a dining space, the area rug should be large enough so when a seated diner scoots their chair back, the back legs don’t get caught in the rug.

Rugs serve as a room’s focal point. Big bold colors and patterns will demand your attention but balance is always key. So pairing a bold, brazen area rug with softer colored decor and minimal-style furniture can help.

Rugs can visually define an area. Where physical walls or columns aren’t practical, an area rug tells our brain, “Welcome! This is a small sitting area.”  Or “Walk down this hallway. Here is the path.”

Rugs come in hundreds of styles, patterns, colors, and materials. Here are a few!

  • Jute: A durable, renewable fiber that can complement casual or formal settings.
  • Braided: Typically round or oval, this rug is made of wool or cotton braid.
  • Kilim:  More elegant-style wool rugs characterized by small vertical slits where two colors meet.
  • Persian: Hand-knotted of wool or silk, making them more costly. Machine-made reproductions offer a less-expensive option.

Your area rug’s best buddy will be a rug liner or pad. This helps prevent the rug from slipping or moving on hard surfaces.

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