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December 7, 2022

Interior Design Accent Walls 8 Ways

If you have been searching for inspiration for what type of accent wall to create in your space, look no further! This blog post will discuss the different types of interior design accent walls, and which is the best option for you!

1. Board & Batten

Board and batten walls for bedrooms are one of the best ways to enhance a bedroom. This style of walls are fully customizable with their variety in color combinations, geometric forms, and texture. 

The best way to create a board and batten wall is to utilize panels, rails and styles. In this design, the accent wall is painted to match the trim throughout the home, while the crown and baseboard frame the top and bottom.

This primary bedroom example serves as the perfect backdrop for a headboard!

2. Trim Over Drywall

This is a great example of a trim over drywall accent wall in a home office. This is the perfect lower investment option which only requires a few trim pieces laid out in a pattern and paint, if you don't want to spend too much money or time, while really elevating the space.

3. Wallpaper and Beadboard

Photography by Lauren Konrad

Another great option to elevate your space with an accent wall is wallpaper and beadboard. This is a great option for those that are looking for more texture and style in the space, while still having a classic and timeless look. Beadboard is also a great option for homes that have textured walls!

4. Full-Height Wallcovering

Wallcoverings are a great option for many reasons. Just like any accent wall, they enhance the look of your space. They are also great for hiding imperfections in walls, like small holes or cracks. Another great benefit is they are great for customization and adding texture to your space. Wallcoverings are made to be durable with little to no maintenance, which is also a great bonus! We love this hand-painted wallcovering by Vahallan.

5. Tile

Photography by Andraya Stender

Tile is a great option if you are looking to make a large statement in a space. With the texture and color options, tile accent wall options are endless.

Tile is a perfect choice for those that love the outdoors, and are looking to bring in a more earthy look into their home, and bring the outside design indoors with this interior design accent wall idea. This beautiful mosaic marble tile is featured in this powder room and makes a great statement piece. 

6. Shiplap

Photography by Andraya Stender

Shiplap is an easy way to add interest to a wall or room. It is easily installed and you can stain or paint it to any color or finish of your choice. A great benefit of shiplap is that you can use shiplap anywhere! From a living to a bedroom accent wall, shiplap is a great option when it comes to bringing a space to life. Shiplap is also an inexpensive option to transform your space!

7. Painted Wall

Photography by Jake Boyd

Paint is the easiest way to bring attention and draw your eye to a wall or room in your home. It is affordable and diy-friendly, and you have the creativity to do any color and pattern that you can think of for your accent wall.

8. Stone Trim

For those of you who feel like they want to be extra creative, you can mix stone and trim to create an eye-catching accent wall. By mixing both materials, the faux stone is applied to the wall and the board and batten on the other half of the wall will create a fun look in your space. For the interior stone accent wall design, you can also paint the board and batten an accent color, or incorporate a neutral color so that the focus is on the stone detail.

Feeling inspired to start your next design project? Head over to our contact page to get started.

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