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April 18, 2023

How We Use Our Interior Design Mood Board Template

Seeing the big picture is a big part of our interior design process. During one of the first phases of the process, we use our Interior Design Mood Board template to bring all our ideas, including our clients', together.

We use this template as a first step for nearly all our interior design projects. We love how it allows us to pull in different visual elements and choose from one of seven different styles that matches the vibe we're going for.

Our colleague and photographer, Andraya Stender used our Mood Board template for a recent project on her home rennovation. For this project, she aimed for airy and classic. The mood board reflects that with its neutral colors and clean lines. It's so helpful to know exactly what you hope to accomplish in an interior design project at just a quick glance.

When you purchase our Interior Design Mood Board template, you receive instant access to a document in Canva (all you need to do is register for a Canva account which is free to use).

That means you can get creating your inspiration right away! Bonus: the link never expires, so you can reuse the template for any future projects as well.

Who Could Benefit from Our Interior Design Mood Board Template? 

This guide is perfect for:

  • Designers who need a clear visual tool to communicate their project ideas.
  • Homeowners who want to complete a DIY remodel or construction project.
  • Those working with a contractor who doesn't offer interior design assistance.
  • Those who need to discover their ideal home aesthetic.
  • Those who can't picture what their home will look like when it's done.

How the Interior Design Mood Board Template Can Help 

This guide will provide you with the support you need to: 

  • Define the overall look and feel of your home.
  • Get the exact strategy we use with our one-on-one clients to get inspired and create a mood board.
  • Get 7 complete stylized mood boards to use or edit as you see fit.
Ready to create your own inspiration today? Get our Interior Design Mood Board template on our Behind the Beams Shop!

Feeling inspired to start your next design project? Head over to our contact page to get started.

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