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June 25, 2024
Our Process

Our Process for Luxurious Designs

Interior design projects involve several steps to execute a well-designed space ranging from creativity, planning, project management, delivery, and install. The process of transforming a space to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients requires a very organized and structured approach. Read on as we share our process of a full-service project.

Discovery: Lead to Client

The journey begins with the discovery phase, where potential leads are engaged and nurtured to eventually become our clients. This phase involves proactive communication with those who express interest in our interior design services. The first step is to complete a contact form through our Contact page where we capture your contact information and some basic information about the project, investment level, and high-level expectations for working with a designer. We invite anyone interested in learning more about our process to a 30-minute Discovery Call.


This phase involves the formal initiation of the client-designer relationship. Every full-service project begins with a paid assessment. We start with a tour of the major priority areas of your home to be updated and discuss the needs and goals for each room. We take any photographs or measurements needed to begin your design. Also in this phase, we send out a Design Client Profile Questionnaire to gather essential details about your project requirements, design preferences, and lifestyle considerations. This questionnaire serves as the foundation for understanding our client's day to day, their work, their hobbies, and what their favorite home memories might be. We create a designated client folder, establishing communication channels, and project management tools are pivotal components of this phase. Additionally, the onboarding phase sets the tone for clear communication and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Conceptual Design Development

With the onboarding formalities completed, the conceptual design development phase allows our designers to delve into the creative process. This phase encompasses setting the design direction through the use of imagery, defining priority vendors for sourcing, and beginning the initial sourcing of products and materials. Clear communication with the client regarding the design direction and progress is vital during this phase to ensure alignment with the client's vision. This period can take 6-8 weeks for small projects or 12+ weeks if we are working through multiple rooms or an entire house.

Detailed Design Documentation

We choose pieces that seamlessly align with the design vision, elevating your space with simplicity and grace, we get to work detailing every space and sourcing all
of the finishes, fixtures, materials, and furnishings. This includes the presentation of detailed floor plans, renderings, color palettes, and product sourcing outcomes. If construction is required, our team puts together a detailed specifications guide for your contractor.

Purchasing and Procurement

The purchasing and procurement phase involves the ordering of all approved items for your installation. Our team coordinates the product purchase process, manages order status tracking, and aligns delivery schedules with all project stakeholders, including contractors and installation teams. We contract with a local warehouse to receive your items as they arrived. Each piece is inspected, assembled, and stored until installation day.

Design Management, Installation, and Styling

Throughout the construction process, anticipate continuous communication and timely site visits to ensure your design plan takes shape accurately. Our dedicated team remains readily available, offering insights, answering questions, and providing clarity to both your general contractor and subcontractors at every step of the journey. Our designers oversee delivery scheduling, installation, and final styling. In this phase it is important to ensure that the project's visual representation meets the desired standards. We style the space mixing the clients current décor and new accessories that we bring to installation day.


If requested, we will host a housewarming party for our clients and their friends to show off the new space, and from there it’s officially yours. Our process from discovery to completion encapsulates meticulous planning, creative exploration, proactive communication, and diligent project management. Each phase represents an integral part of the whole process that creates beautiful and functional interior spaces.

Want to learn more about our award-winning design process? Need help with an upcoming project? Fill out our contact form here and we'll be in touch within 1-2 business days!

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