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June 27, 2022
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How to Ditch Your Old Furniture (Responsibly!)

Are you in the market for a new bedroom set? Do you have a sectional that has exceeded its useful life?

This is the perfect time to hire a design or decorating firm to assist with sourcing quality, timeless pieces that will live with you for years to come. 

We help our clients replace tired, old furniture with classic pieces that won’t fade with the trends. The new furnishings that we source and install for our clients are well-built, durable, and long-lived, not something poorly-made that will end up in a landfill in 5 years. 

Things we look for while sourcing furnishings:

Timeless Items

Color, texture, and pattern play a role in how an item will hold up to varying trends and styles. For larger pieces like a sectional or dining table, we recommend going neutral. Choose neutral colors such as black, white, beige, taupe, or gray. These pieces are the anchor of your home and can complement bolder, louder primary or secondary colors. Texture should be kept to a minimum and saved for items like draperies and accent chairs.

Functional Items

We assist our clients with knowing where to prioritize their investment. Coffee and side tables are one of the most flexible pieces you can own. Due to their standard size, they can fit most rooms and be moved from location to location as needed. Consider storage within these pieces. If having remote controls, magazines, and other miscellaneous items out of sight is important to you, choosing a table with a drawer can be a great option. 


The properties of an item: how it is made and the material used can aid in the longevity of your furnishings. A wood veneer dining table cannot hold up to heat and water as well as a solid wood table. But, a veneer top can outperform a solid wood against splitting and warping. We consider the location of each item and the properties required to be as durable as possible. 

The Right Size

Have you purchased an area rug online just to have it arrive and not fit your space? We hear this a lot from our clients. Having a professional help you to know exactly what will and won’t fit your space can eliminate this headache and save on restocking fees!

When you decide to invest in new furnishings, you must decide what to do with the old. Some of our recommendations for how to responsibly ditch your old furniture include consignment, Facebook Marketplace, and community yard sales. If your items are in good condition, there is a great chance that someone else can provide it with a second life. 

Check your local consignment shops for what items they will accept. Some can even pick up the item(s) from your home for a small delivery and handling fee. Some of our favorites that are local to the Des Moines area include: Do Overz, Changing Places, and Stuff Etc

And if ditching your old furniture is not an option, you can repurpose! There are many qualified furniture repair teams that can sand, stain, and paint, giving your items a fresh new start.

Feeling inspired to start your next design project? Head over to our contact page to get started.

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